The Mount Emmons Project is a proposed mining operation located in Gunnison County west of Crested Butte, Colorado. This "world class" deposit is believed to be one of the largest and purest molybdenum deposits in the world.

About The Mount Emmons Project

The Mount Emmons molybdenum property was originally discovered by AMAX Inc. ("AMAX") in the 1970s on mineral claims held by USE. The mineral claims were subsequently sold to AMAX with reversionary rights to USE. Under these reversionary rights, AMAX's successor Phelps Dodge Corporation conveyed the property back to USE in 2006. AMAX and its successors (Cyprus Amax and Phelps Dodge) reportedly spent in excess of $150 million on ore body delineation, engineering studies, permitting and the application and receipt of conditional water rights and patents for the project. The conditional water rights were granted in 2002 and the patents were obtained in 2004.

Historical records filed by predecessor owners of the Mount Emmons Project with the Bureau of Land Management in the 1990’s for the application of patented mineral claims, referenced identification of mineralized material of approximately 220 million tons of 0.366% molybdic disulfide (MoS2), with a high grade section of mineralized material containing approximately 23 million tons at a grade of 0.689% MoS2. The issuance of these mineral patents in 2004 by BLM was upheld by the United States Supreme Court in 2007.

The project is currently in the pre-feasibility and early permitting stage.